Attune: IFS Informed Group for Eating Disorders

Attune: IFS Informed Group for Eating Disorders

I want to accept my body and myself unconditionally.

I can’t tolerate even the idea of accepting my body.

This is no way to live.

This is the only way I can live.

Eating disorder recovery is complicated because we are complex human beings. We want to accept; we are terrified to accept. We want self-compassion; we fear self-compassion.

Who’s in there? Is there a part of you that berates you with judgment and guilt? Is there a part that pulls you into shame, even if the context seems minor? Is there a part that steps in to protect you from feeling shame, and ends up numbing all of you instead?

Join Suzette Cook, LMSW for a deep dive into the parts of ourselves set in motion by an eating disorder. Learn how to identify parts of yourself and your eating disorder, and a new way to listen. We’ll explore which parts to heal, and which parts to turn up--way up!


Thursdays 7pm-8:30pm, December 3rd-January 21st.

Cost: $100/session

Join us

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