Abundance: Binge Eating Support Group

I can't tolerate so much pain. I don't trust joy. There's something uneasy about calm.

If you binge, you probably get this. You may have known experiences that taught you to be afraid to fully feel. To allow yourself to feel means falling in, and never hitting bottom.

Bingeing can promise the care, parenting, or punishment we seek. You probably know the relief as well as the shame.

White knuckling can only take us so far. Recovering from binge eating disorder takes compassionate support from people who get it, and tangible skills to build on. In addition to individualized community support, the group will cover topics like finding and using your voice, connecting to the present, shame resilience, boundaries, understanding true cravings, learning the language of attunement, and tending to the whole self.

Join Suzette Cook, LMSW and Ann Miller, MHC-LP for an 8 week journey to connect over the shared threads of our journey, starting from wherever you are.

Dates: Thursdays at 7:00pm, April 29 - June 17. Location: Zoom Cost: $100 per session.

Eating Disorder treatment at Erika Malm Collective is anchored in the Health at Every Size philosophy.

Join us

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