Quietude: Adolescent Skills Group

“Why are things so hard right now?”

Anxiety increases in times of uncertainty and transition – and we’ve had a lot of that lately! But it IS possible to move through these turbulent times with a greater sense of calm inside.

In this weekly skills group, you’ll gain concrete skills to move through the uncertainty and upheaval of life with greater ease.

We’ll use evidence-based interventions rooted in CBT, somatic processing, and theories of neurobiology.

Each week we’ll focus on a topic, with space for weekly check-ins, support, and specific skill building.

Week 1: Playing on repeat – slowing down looping thoughts

Week 2: Zero to 100 – how to stay cool when things feel hot

Week 2: Zero to 100 – how to stay cool when things feel hot

Week 3: Where do I fit here? Social worries

Week 4: Am I enough? Comparing and despairing

Week 5: Texting, TikTok & YouTube – navigating social media

Week 6: Finding calm no matter the storm

This group will be led by Coleman Kraus, LMSW and Madison Liddle, MHC-LP and will be held on Tuesdays from 5-6pm.

Location: Zoom

Cost: $100/session

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