Experiential Ketamine Program for Therapists

This comprehensive experiential ketamine program for therapists offers a unique opportunity to experience the transformative power of ketamine as a therapeutic tool. With a combination of 5 group Zoom sessions, and 1 in-person group intramuscular Ketamine session, the program is ideal for therapists who are interested in expanded states of consciousness and greater access to self, and facilitating similar experiences for their clients. The Zoom sessions will consist of 2 group preparation sessions, 2 integration sessions, and 1 closing circle, ensuring that participants receive the support and guidance they need to get the most out of the program.

Led by a team of 4 experts in their fields, this program promises to be an enriching and transformative experience for all participants.

Program Leaders

  • Geeta Arora, MD, dual board certified in Internal Medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine physician, CIIS and MAPS certified and Founder of Arora Integrative and Precision Breakthrough Medicine
  • Erika Malm, LCSW, Founder and Clinical Director of Erika Malm Collective, KAP certified
  • Jennifer Bleyer, LMSW, a KAP provider at Erika Malm Collective, KAP certified through the Ketamine Training Center
  • Samantha Podrebarac, a Spiritual Healer and Ketamine Integration Facilitator at Erika Malm Collective, trained at NYU’s Center for Psychedelic Medicine

Throughout the program, a focus will be placed on creating a safe and nurturing environment where participants can delve deep into their inner selves and emerge with a newfound sense of self-awareness. To ensure that each participant will benefit from the experience, careful screening will be performed to determine suitability based on medical indications for ketamine therapy. This includes conditions such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder, PTSD, and Major Depressive Disorder. In addition to the powerful effects of ketamine, the small group format of the program allows for an intimate and supportive environment. Emotional openness, trust, and clear boundaries will be prioritized, fostering an atmosphere that encourages personal growth and deep healing. By the end of the program, participants can expect to leave with a renewed sense of hope, a deeper understanding of themselves and their experiences, and an appreciation of the transformative potential of ketamine.

The program includes:

  • Medical pre-screening with Dr Geeta Arora
  • Group 1: Meeting and Connecting–Tuesday, April 18th, 3-4:30
  • Group 2: Intention Setting–Friday, April 21st, 10-11:30
  • Ketamine Session: Monday, April 24th,1-4:30
  • Integration 1: Tuesday, April 25th, 3:15-4:45
  • Integration 2 and Closing Circle: Monday, May 1, 1-2:30

Your investment of $950 includes:

  • Medical screening
  • Four, 1.5hr Zoom groups
  • One, 3.5 hr in-person Ketamine session

We will have just 6-8 people to ensure an intimate and personalized experience for all involved. We’re offering this first-time workshop at a significantly reduced rate (less than half the price) of future workshops, and request that participants share their feedback at the end of the workshop.

To sign up or learn more about this program, please contact Hannah Hakim, support@erikamalm.com or Erika Malm erika@erikamalm.com.

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