6/11/22: Breathwork Workshop

On Saturday June 11th, from 10-11:30, please join us for a special breathwork workshop led by Ivy Chim, a psychotherapist and certified breathwork trainer.



Breathwork is a simple and powerful tool to move and release stagnant energy or emotions that are stored in our bodies.



Here’s a sense of what the workshop will look like: 

  • We will come together virtually on Zoom.

  • We will check in, just like the usual Saturday circle.

  • Ivy will share about the breathwork practice and teach the breathing pattern.

  • We will practice grounding and begin the breathing pattern together (Video can be on or off).

  • We will engage the active breath (~20-25 minutes) and a resting breath (~10 minutes) at the end. There will be music during the breathing.

  • Afterward, you will have a few minutes to write, draw, or reflect.

  • Then, we will come back together to connect and share your experience.

  • We will close the group with gratitude and post-breathwork self-care tips.

What do you need?

  • A private quiet space where you feel safe and at ease.

  • Comfortable clothes as you will be lying down flat on your back – in your bed, on the couch, or on a yoga mat on the floor. 

  • A blanket.

  • You’ll breathe with your eyes closed. Feel free to use an eye pillow or a towel to cover your eyes if it helps you to relax.

  • A pillow.

  • A pen and some paper.

Join us for an experiential journey of self-exploration, emotional release, and healing!


Please note this workshop is open only to clients of the practice. The workshop will take place over Zoom.

Join us

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