Samantha Podrebarac

Samantha Podrebarac

Spiritual Healer

Within the heart of each being is the reality of wholeness, perfection, and the entry point to the interconnected field of Life that is emanating all. Healing involves embracing our pain, exclusion, and suffering, so that we may access and live from this reality of wholeness and connection to Life.

Our work may take the form of Family and Systemic Constellations, yogic meditation development, hands-on spiritual and energetic healing, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, and Ketamine Integration Spiritual Healing.  To support healing work in expanded states of consciousness, I integrate meditation, constellation work, and hands-on healing sessions in conjunction with ketamine treatment, or as a part of other psychedelic integration.

The journey of healing is customized to each individual, and unfolds in direct response to the themes that open through your  inner intelligence. All work is in service to you developing a deeper awareness of your spiritual nature, so that you may live in complete alignment with your authentic path and purpose upon the Earth.  In some cases, we may work to assist your process of preparation for transition through the sacred doorway of death. 

Held by the field of compassion, we can resolve intergenerational and ancestral trauma, incarnating themes and issues, and disharmonious patterns that may manifest mentally, emotionally, and physically. Through this resolution of suffering, daily life becomes a divine expression of ever-greater love, service, and connection with ourselves, with others, and with Source.

My work is informed by yogic and Vedanta lineages that have been passed from teacher to student through oral transmission and apprenticeship. I have been blessed to receive spiritual development and healing training from my teacher Ron Young, whose work continues to be shared through The Wisdom of Healing School. My academic training includes Interfaith Chaplaincy (from the Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley), graduate training in Spiritual Psychology (through Columbia University), graduate training in Cognitive Neuroscience (from The University of Western Ontario), and work in Psychedelic Medicine (at the NYU Center for Psychedelic Medicine). Prior to coming to work with Erika Malm Collective, I spent 7 years as a session guide, facilitator and researcher on the psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy study for the treatment of alcohol dependence at the NYU Center for Psychedelic Medicine.

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