Paul Ratliff, MFT-LP


I believe the capacity to become whole is embedded in each psyche, just as the oak tree is encoded in the acorn it grows from. Healing doesn’t come from outside you, but from an internal wisdom that only needs the right conditions to flourish. Psychotherapy provides those conditions — ground and light and warmth and space — that allow your inner intelligence to guide you toward strong and balanced growth.

I come to this work after careers in both the arts (as an actor and writer) and business (as an applied ethnographer), and my approach is both creative and pragmatic. I became a therapist because of the transformative effects of my own therapy that allowed me to be more available to myself and the people in my life, and gave me the tools for facing my challenges.

I have a degree in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in California. Prior to joining Erika Malm Collective, I worked at St. Luke’s Hospital in Manhattan with at risk adolescents and their families, and at Family Service Agency in Burbank, CA.

I specialize in working with teenagers and young adults, couples and families. I work with people who are ready to engage themselves fully, to entertain the possibility that certain dearly held beliefs may be inhibiting, and to cultivate an authentic love for yourself that makes so many other things possible: more fulfilling relationships, greater resilience, an increased sense of joy, and more.

Whatever your starting place, I will work with you on where you want to go, to help you live with your whole self, your whole heart.

Please call (646) 661-4055, or email me using the form below to schedule a visit.

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