Madison Liddle

Madison Liddle, MHC-LP


I believe that genuine relationships have the power to heal. And the relationship between a client and therapist is a particularly unique bond. Irvin Yalom has described this relationship as one of fellow travelers on an adventure of mutual growth and discovery.

As your fellow traveler, I’ll stand alongside you as an active collaborator on your journey. I believe in the innate resilience of all human beings, and our ability to create a life in which we can thrive. We’ll use our relationship to understand and shift the patterns that are holding you back, and help you realize your vision for the life you want to lead.

Together we will create a space where all parts of you are welcome. As womxn and queer people, we’re often conditioned to think there are fragments of ourselves that must remain hidden. As we shine light on these hidden parts, we can help them and make room for greater meaning, depth, and connection.

My approach is collaborative, direct, and I often use humor to connect. I aim to empower clients to engage authentically with themselves, others, and the world at large. I understand there are many ways to live a life, and my approach to therapy reflects that. I am firmly anti-racist, sex-positive, and radically inclusive in my work. I earned a dual master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Columbia University where I also completed an advanced certificate in Sexuality, Women, and Gender, specializing in LGBTQIA+ mental health. Using a feminist, relational, and an integrated CBT approach, I provide individual and couples therapy for a range of concerns, including: life transitions, relationships, trauma, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and ADHD. I encourage you to reach out if you are interested in working together.

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