Jennifer Bleyer, LMSW


When the body is wounded, it shows a powerful and innate ability to heal itself. Likewise, the psyche has a natural inclination toward healing if conditions are right. Therapy is the container made of these essential conditions—connection, compassion, deep listening and, above all, safety.

Jennifer BleyerIn it, one can access their inner intelligence to bring about growth, transformation, and greater balance. I approach my clients as a partner in this process, believing in your capacities and strengths as the foundation of healing.

I hold a Masters in Social Work from Stony Brook University and received my BA in anthropology from Columbia University. I have worked on clinical research at the New York State Psychiatric Institute, looking at how medicines including ketamine help address substance use problems. 

I received postgraduate training in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) through the Ketamine Training Center. I have a special interest in supporting people as they process the insights, emotions and sensations that arise through psychedelic experiences, as well as working with issues involving illness, aging, caregiving or grief. Before becoming a therapist, I was a journalist and magazine editor.

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