Coleman Kraus, LMSW


I work with clients who have complex histories, woven patterns, and who may even be ambivalent about life itself. Perhaps unsure how to find a space in the world that isn’t painful or traumatic, or can’t seem to shift years of blockage and distress. We work together to explore and deepen our understanding of the roots and functions of your symptoms, roots and engage in skill building, expanding areas of joy, and meaning making.

Coleman Kraus new york city therapist new york therapy flat ironAttachment within the therapeutic relationship, consistency, compassion, accountability, and connection with the body are paramount to the healing process. Let’s invite in your full person for a holistic exploration. 

What you need to know about me:

I’m on your team. I have seen and lived through these changes and this healing. It is possible. It takes time but is life altering. Humor, slowness, and the presently obscure all weave together to create a foundation of safety and exploration of self. I believe in your ability to heal. 

I have received training in dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), accelerated experiential dynamic psychotherapy (AEDP), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), cognitive processing therapy (CPT), polyvagal theory, mindfulness and meditation, and providing LGBTQ+ informed and affirming care.

Prior to becoming a psychotherapist, I worked as a Reiki Therapist and Spiritual Counselor. I then received my Masters of Social Work from the Boston University School of Social Work. My areas of focus include: adolescents and young adults, LGBTQ+ identities and exploration, eating disorders, trauma, and life transitions.

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