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Coleman Kraus, LMSW


We all have a story. Built upon a webbing of individual life experiences, we return to a familiar structure to understand ourselves. What we experience often remains with us and impacts the way we connect with ourselves and those around us.

I believe in learning to honor the self as a complex and intuitive being. Existing in a world that often focuses on the external, we are frequently asked to glean over our internal landscapes and neglect intentional healing. When we slow down and listen to and work with our minds and bodies, incredible release and change is possible.

I approach our sessions with curiosity. How do you interact with your thoughts? How might we be able to re-write the relationship that you have with them? What patterns continue to impact your life? Can you envision harmony of your mind and body?

Once we gain a sense of understanding and agency regarding our internal landscapes, our ability to curate and direct our own lives and experiences rises. A new story can emerge.

My approach centers around relational and trauma lenses, CBT, and mindfulness techniques. I champion the moments of humor, joy, and discovery that exist within this process.

I received my Masters of Social Work from the Boston University School of Social Work. Holding a specialty in treating adolescents, couples and families, I work with individuals and families of all ages. Prior to joining Erika Malm Collective, I worked for five years as a Reiki Therapist and Spiritual Counselor. My areas of focus include: couples and family therapy, anxiety, depression, LGBTQ+ identities, trauma, and spiritual conflict and exploration.

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