Ann Miller


We thrive in secure relationships. We crave the intimacy of being known and accepted as we are. We’re at our best when we love ourselves and feel loved by those who matter most to us.

Sometimes this kind of acceptance feels hard to find, and we end up believing there’s a more loveable version of us out there. These beliefs tell us that in order to fit in, we need to be different than who we are.

The thing is, you don’t have to become someone else to be loved and accepted. Together, we will welcome all of you. We’ll shine light on the parts of you that have been in darkness for far too long, and create the much needed space for you to get to know who you are now, and honor and celebrate your truest self, to offer you the clearest path towards your fullest and most vibrant life.

I specialize in treating trauma, including religious trauma and family of origin or attachment trauma. I am also trained to treat adults and adolescents with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and those who feel like they’re too sensitive or get easily overwhelmed by the demands of others. A midwest native, I received my masters in counseling from Adler University in Chicago before relocating to New York to join the team at Erika Malm Collective.

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