The Ripple Effect of Therapy

“Transform yourself to transform the world”

-Grace Lee Boggs

I envision a world where people are deeply committed to their own self realization. People often misunderstand the work of self-exploration as selfish. But it’s the opposite

The more we accept ourselves, the more connected we become.

As we come to know and accept ourselves, we connect with core universal experiences. And we are able to make more contact with other beings and the world. 

The rewards of engaging in the therapeutic process, and our own self realization has a tremendous ripple effect.

As one person engages in their exploration of the self, that person transforms, and that affects their partner, their parents, their friends, and their children. Everyone they touch! And this has an impact on the next generation. By engaging in this work, we are participating in the transformation of our epigenetic legacy. This is no small endeavor.

As we evolve our relationships with ourselves, the less harm we will cause.

To other people, other beings, and to the planet. It’s that simple.

So this is sacred work— the work that we do individually, or as a couple or a family, we are improving our current lives, and in this process we are becoming good ancestors.

Everyone on our team is in this same process. We are all learning as we go. Come on in. We invite you to join us!