Psychotherapeutic Psychedelic Integration

Mystical experiences, in some cases brought on by the use of psychedelics, may be part of your healing process.

Our therapists entertain the possibility that consciousness is not derived from our brains, but may be a part of something bigger. 

Mystical experiences come in many forms, and can be experienced as both positive and negative. While psychedelic experiences in themselves are powerful, they can remain dream-like if left unintegrated. We’re here to help you to integrate this new experience into your everyday life, further tuning into your authentic self. You may want to make important shifts in your life based on this deeper knowledge. We can help you do this.

 If you’re wondering if psychedelics may be right for you, we can provide an assessment and education about the risks and benefits, and will support you in making an informed decision.

DISCLAIMER: Psychedelic substances are powerful and have the potential to cause severe psychological harm. They may worsen mental and emotional disorders, and their use may result in undesired and persistent consequences. Their use with assistance by healthcare professionals trained in psychedelic assisted therapy is experimental. We do not endorse the use of psychedelic substances outside of an approved healthcare setting. We do not support or promote the buying, selling or use of any illegal substances.