When you work with us, you join our giving initiative.

Erika Malm Collective is a member of Pledge 1%, an organization that empowers entrepreneurs and their companies to commit time, product, or profit to important causes.

We stand aside more than 8500 Pledge 1% companies to create a collective impact.

Pledge 1% of Profits

Each year, we donate at least 1% of our profits to one or more organizations that are making a significant impact that aligns with our values.

This year, we’re thrilled to be one of the founding donors of the Global Compassion Coalition. The GCC is deeply aligned with our values at Erika Malm Collective. Scientific research now clearly demonstrated that we are wired for compassion. The GCC will work on a global scale to elevate, promote and champion compassion as a value, motive and behavior. Learn more about, and get involved with GCC here