If You’re New to Therapy

“Your own self realization is the greatest service you can render the world.”

-Ramana Maharshi

The first thing I want to share with you if you’re new to therapy, is that

it is truly possible to turn a life of great difficulty into a life of possibility. 

And the second thing I want to share is that mental health, or a life of possibility, is not a destination. It’s a consistent practice.

It takes work to be well! We live in a culture that desperately wants a quick and easy fix. We want a silver bullet. We hold an image of perfectionism that we can never achieve, and this leaves us feeling deeply inadequate. When someone comes into therapy, it requires an unlearning of this idea of a silver bullet or a perfect life, and a new learning of what it means to be truly well. 

Another thing I would like to share is that

there is no emotional experience that is inherently dangerous

One of our greatest struggles as individuals, and as a culture, is our fear of big feelings. And yet it is our responses to our feelings that can create danger.

We cause harm to ourself and others when we either over-identify with our pain, or try to get rid of it.

So another important piece of the work of healing is moving into feelings that may feel unbearable or unacceptable so they don’t hold so much power over us.

And how do we do this here at Erika Malm Collective?

We do this through relationship.

We will welcome you in and partner with you to start the process of aligning in the areas of your life that are most important for you. This begins with radical self-acceptance, cultivating healthy relationships with yourself and others, and investing your time in a way of living that you believe in.