How Can Therapy Help?

Therapy can help with a variety of mental health struggles, including: anxiety, depression, PTSD, eating disorders, loss and bereavement, relationship problems, feeling disconnected and lonely, existential crises, life transitions, emotional dysregulation, and career dissatisfaction. 

You don’t have to be struggling with one of the above to reach out. Many people seek out therapy to develop a deeper sense of self and personal growth.

Our treatment is informed by the following modalities: 

How Do I Choose A Therapist That’s Right For Me?

It’s so important to us that you feel comfortable with your therapist. Just like any relationship, the therapeutic relationship takes time to grow. In the beginning stages of therapy, we believe that establishing a foundation of trust and connection is essential. We offer complimentary 15 minute phone calls with members of our team so you can get a sense of a therapist’s style and address any questions you have about getting started. From there, we recommend scheduling an initial session – the best way to know if it feels like the “right fit” for you is to meet! We recommend meeting for at least two sessions to see how it feels. If for whatever reason it doesn’t feel like a good fit, our team is committed to supporting you to find the right one! We will collaborate with you and provide clear recommendations for how you can best get your needs met.

What Can I Expect In The Initial Stages Of Therapy?

The first session with your therapist will be 60 minutes and thereafter sessions are weekly 45 minute appointments. We recommend weekly sessions, as we believe therapy is most effective when it is consistent. During the first few sessions, your therapist will be getting to know what makes you, you. We pay careful attention to family, medical, spiritual and relationship history as well as the origin story of whatever you’re struggling with. You’ll partner with your therapist to set intentions and goals for treatment. We also want to know about what IS working for you in your life. We want to create space for your dreams, and learn how we can support you in moving towards them!

How Will I Know If Therapy Is Helpful?

You won’t have to figure this out on your own! Your therapist will be checking in with you on this question over the course of treatment, and will support you to review your goals and explore what you need from therapy as things shift and evolve.

Do You Take Insurance?

Erika Malm Collective has made a conscious decision to be an out of network practice. As a result, we have the freedom to focus 100% on your treatment needs. As individual providers and as a team, we customize your care and tailor your treatment plan to meet your goals, not the goals of insurance companies. We will provide you with superbills that you can submit to your insurance if you have an out of network mental health policy. Visit our fees & insurance page to learn more about this process.