We’re all in this together.

After years of helping clients transform their lives, there’s one truth we know for sure: you can’t do this work alone. And sometimes your community doesn’t support the path you’re on. That’s why we offer a free weekly group for all clients in our practice — to come together, and collectively bolster and support each other in growth.

Saturday Circle is a free, weekly, no-reservation-needed, gathering open to anyone working with a therapist at Erika Malm Collective. It is a chance to connect with others who are on parallel journeys of self-discovery, to share what feels important and significant in our lives, and to support one another.

Think of it as a salon for the heart, mind and soul.

Each week we pick a theme from the topics we see as the recipe for a full and vibrant life, and use it as a starting place to explore our experiences. The themes include: self and identity; relationships; meaning and purpose; love and compassion; spirituality and mysticism; living in and with the present moment.

Please contact us to get started in therapy and gain access to our expanding community.